You may have heard that Tesla, manufacturer of an electric sports car, and Top Gear, the hilarious British TV show about motoring and Jeremy Clarkson flying into a sputtering rage, are at each other’s throats. But why?

At heart is Top Gear’s less-than-favorable review of the Tesla Roadster. Nobody’s pretending Tesla didn’t take a beating; the show’s infamously caustic critic fried the Tesla for having a crappy range and for the brakes failing, although he did have nice things to say about the performance and handling.

Tesla was…less than happy, and hasn’t just been waging a legal battle with Top Gear: they’re going on a full PR push, complete with a rather bitchy page on their website calling Top Gear’s reviews “lies and misinformation”.

Top Gear shot back with a blog post tackling Tesla point-by-point, and concluding that there’s just a little bit of sour grapes.

Where do we fall? Well, if you actually watch the video, you learn that Tesla’s exaggerating its case quite a bit. Equally tellingly, Tesla doesn’t want money: it wants the episode completely off the air. No Netflix streaming, no reruns, no nothing.

In other words, we think Tesla doesn’t feel it’s been done wrong: Tesla’s feeling the heat from competitors as more luxury EVs hit the market, with better technology and, most importantly, lower price points. Rather than innovate, Tesla is trying to pretend that any valid criticisms of it are lies and slander.

We’ll see what the courts say, but honestly, we think Tesla is trying to avoid a fair discussion. Drive Tesla…but also some of its competitors, and then see what you think.