In one of the dumbest abuses of the legal system since audio manufacturer Monster Cable began suing every person, company and film studio that ever dared use the term “Monster”, Porsche has filed an injunction against Crocs, manufacturer of hideous (but comfy) foam shoes. What web of legal problems could possibly be spun by the combination of a German automaker and embattled shoe peddler? The name Cayman.

Porsche has claimed a trademark infringement against Crocs for using the name of its underwhelming sports car in a pair of shoes.  The battle goes all the way back to May when Porsche first sent a letter to Crocs detailing the infringement and demanding that Crocs stop using the name. Not surprisingly, Crocs didn’t and Porsche followed up with more official action in the form of an injunction.

While Crocs has vowed to defend itself, I’d have to think that the situation can only help throw publicity to the shoe-maker who is flirting with extinction. In fact, I’m tempted to buy a pair just to spite this ridiculous waste of the legal system.

In the meantime, Porsche has helped to draw an analogy between its car and a pair of $30 foam slippers. Nice job Porsche. Perhaps, Porsche could just cede the name and turn its attention to developing a distinct name for a distinct vehicle that doesn’t look like a slightly-modified version of the same car we’ve been seeing for decades. I guess legal action is much easier.

No word if either the caiman reptile that Porsche reportedly ripped the name from in the first place, or the island chain, is pursuing legal action against Porsche.  [CNN Money via WCF]