After a small teasing campaign, Morgan unveiled its all new Eva GT grand tourer this past weekend in Pebble Beach. Overall a little more sporty and modern than we were expecting, the Eva GT is a four-seater with room for luggage in back.

The car features a 302-hp BMW twin-turbo straight six and choice of a six-speed ZF automatic or six-speed manual. Combine that powertrain with the low, 2,750-pound weight accomplished with an aluminum chassis and body panels, and the Eva GT delivers drivers to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds on its way to 170 mph. The 40 mpg rating given by Morgan is pretty nice too.

The Eva GT is just a little long in the front for our taste, but otherwise, it’s a rather stunning car. It will go into production in 2012, with the final price expected to fall in the £70,000-£85,000 range ($109,000 to $133,000). [via Autocar]