Gumpert has an all-new, sophisticated supercar to show in Geneva and it’s revealing a card or two a little early. The German minds behind the Apollo released the first look at the new car today.

The Tornante was developed with the help of Italian firm Touring Superleggera. This is evidenced immediately by the more refined exterior when compared with the powerful but not necessarily attractive Apollo. Gumpert’s gotten some sexy.

While it has a softer look, it remains as hard as can be. The Tornante features the same twin-turbo 4.2-liter Audi V8 as the Apollo and is expected to put out around 700 horses in base tune. The car will also keep things svelt with a carbon monocoque tub and composite body panels. It probably won’t be quite as performance-driven as the Apollo (3.1 seconds to 62 mph, 224 mph top speed), but it won’t be a slacker either. We’ll find out more next month. [via Motor Trend]