It’s the all-new Pantera revival!! Oh, no it’s not. It’s a rather frumpy, plain-looking four-door crossover. Bummer.

To be fair, we knew De Tomaso wasn’t coming back with a 2012 Pantera, but we’re still trying to understand why they chose this run-of-the-mill “sport luxury car” to come back on scene with. But Gian Mario Rossignolo’s revived De Tomaso badge’s first car will be the SLC, and it will debut in Geneva in just under two weeks. The first picture of the car comes courtesy of an unveiling for the Italian government yesterday.

While the SLC doesn’t appear to be much of a looker, it should prove to be a quick ride. Reports indicate three engine choices for the new four-door: a 542-hp V8, a 296-hp V6 or a 247-hp V6 diesel. [via AutoBlog]