Bentley may come up a little short when it comes to a list of the world’s fastest cars, but it does have one speed record: fastest speed on ice. Bentley announced this week that a Continental Supersports piloted by Juha Kankkunen hit a world-record-breaking ice speed of 205.48 mph. Bentley took the record from itself: Kankkunen set a 199.83 mph ice record in a Continental GT in 2007.

The record was set on a frozen piece of Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland. The Bentley team shoveled out a straight track, and Kankkunen took his out and back laps to put the speed in the books.

Bentley did its best to complete the task in a minimally modified Supersports, but it did add Pirelli winter tires, a bumper-mounted parachute, front and rear spoilers for stability, and a heavy duty roll cage.

To celebrate the achievement, Bentley is debuting a special edition that it calls the “most powerful  model ever to bear the famed Winged B emblem” at the Geneva Motor Show. It only plans to produce 100 examples of what is hopefully called the ‘Continental Supersports Ice Edition’. [via WCF]