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Ferrari Fury: Novitec's Near-900-Hp 599 GTO

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novitec-rosso--599 2
Back when the 599 GTO came out, Ferrari called it the fastest road-going Ferrari ever. Of course, that designation didn't take extreme tunes into account. And when you take the fastest Ferrari ever and put it through an extreme tune, you have a beast of a car. Novitec Rosso used two...

Video: The Ferrari FF Goes Everywhere

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ferrari_ff Web-veil 2
Last week, Ferrari held an official unveiling of the FF concept for VIP types. It also provided Web access to the event. Frankly, I thought Ferrari already held a Web unveiling last month, but I guess this one was different. One way it was different is that it brought the best video clip of the...

Leaky Lambo Aventador Strikes Again

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Lambo Aventador Leak 2
Three more pictures. That's today's bounty. We now have a much better look at the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 thanks to a profile and angled front-end picture that originated on Jalopnik yesterday. We see the masterful balance of big curves and sharp lines that Lamborghini combined to...

Another Teaser For The Gumpert Tornante?

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Speculation has it that this here is a second teaser picture of the Gumpert Tornante. While no one seems to know the exact origin of the photo, the car's overall shape does look a lot like that of the first Tornante picture that we saw. And the clean taillights certainly look like they'd...